We have battery replacement from $350.00

We are specialists in repairing hybrid batteries and offer a range of repair options to suit your needs. From reconditioning to refurbished replacements and even NEW hybrid batteries.

We don’t “just change cells”. We have the ability to map the capacity of every single cell in your hybrid battery. By doing this we can we can accurately pick out dead cells and cells that are about to fail. We can also ensure a highly balanced battery bank meaning it will last longer, have better fuel economy and demonstrate better overall performance.

We can also install and replace your battery.

Advanced Testing for your Car Battery

We use advanced electronic testing tools to see the status of your battery. This way, we can quickly determine if the car’s battery is the source of the issue. Sometimes a suspected car battery fault may actually be caused by a malfunctioning charging system or ignition system. If the battery is not the issue, we can use our advanced scanning tools to quickly diagnose the problem and suggest ways of fixing it.



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